Sustainability is driving a wave of innovation in our society

icologie provides engagements that motivate and drive individuals in your organisation to think and act more sustainably. Keynotes, talks, workshops, mini-exhibitions and courses.

Sustainability makes financial sense, matches customer expectation and drives innovation in your organisation.  However getting your teams on board is often difficult.  That’s what we do. Our approach uses the latest research and techniques to connect sustainability to what your people value.  This is how you get behaviour change and buy in.  Simple.   icologie works with a wide range of people in Government, Businesses, Universities, Schools and NGO’s.  We can help you drive sustainability and make your plans a reality.

  • Talks - Connect your people to sustainability with inspiring talks.
  • Education –  Empower and involve your staff with the issues and solutions.
  • Green Teams - Set up your teams, motivate them and keep the momentum going!

Our young people have gained so much,what a fruitful day it was for ISIBINDI ALICE GREEN TEAM. WE WILL KEEP ON REMEMBERING THAT THE POWER IS WITHIN AND HOW WE USE IT IS OUR CHOICE.THANK YOU ICOLOGIE — Peliwe Pesta Dunga, NACCW – Alice